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Little clothes,
big impact.

Shop baby clothes for free. Give away outgrown baby clothes and get sizes that fit your little one.

Let’s be honest. We’ve all been there!

Pilling up of outgrown baby clothes

Growing excess of baby clothes waste

Unnecessary spending of baby clothes

€ 420 to € 720
Yearly expenses

Money savings

Tikonana’s platform is launching soon!

The benefits of joining Tikonana!

Dress your little one for free
Give clothes a second life
Save big on baby clothes
Join a supportive community

How to get started!

1. Join the community

2. Upload outgrown baby clothes

3. Shop baby clothes for free

What our community
has to say

I was shocked about how fast my daughter grew out of her baby clothes and how fast the pile outgrown of baby clothes keeps growing. Tikonana is a great initiative to help each other by giving and getting baby clothes for free.

Kyra Hendrix

It’s great to see an initiative such as Tikonana who creating a positive impact to reduce textile waste and stimulate parents to help each other by giving and getting free baby clothes.

Nathaly Brown

Couldn’t agree more that babies outgrow their baby clothes in no time and that we parents overspend on baby clothes. Very useful to have a platform like Tikonana where I can give away outgrown baby clothes and choose the right sizes for my son for free.

Jack Graham