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Our story

Tikonana was born out of a simple realization: the endless cycle of outgrown baby clothes contributes to clutter and textile waste. It was during his own journey as a father that Jurgen Buuts, CEO and founder of Tikonana, recognized the pressing need for a solution.

Inspired by the arrival of his daughter Siënna, CEO and founder Jurgen Buuts envisioned a supportive community where parents could give and receive free baby clothes. This vision drove him to create Tikonana, a platform that empowers families, promotes sustainability, and transforms the way we dress our little ones. Join us on this journey to create a brighter future together.


Our mission is to empower mothers to access free baby clothes through our platform. We strive to create a supportive community that helps each other by giving and receiving free baby clothes.

By doing so, we also contribute to reducing textile waste and creating a brighter, more affordable future for all families. Together, we’re transforming the way we dress our little ones.


Our vision is to be the go-to platform for free baby clothes! We aim to create a world where every family has access to free quality baby clothes, saving money and contributing to the environment by reducing textile waste.

We believe in the power of community and collaboration and strive to inspire and empower parents to take action and help each other!

Our impact

CO2 emissions avoided
Liters water saved
Money saved
Baby clothes shared

Our team

Jurgen Buuts
Kyra Hendrix
Erwin van Hoof
Frank Wagemakers